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for changes beginning at the coast today. and the possibility of rain increases for this last weekend of march. we will talk about it coming up. >> all right, lisa. thank you. also next lights went out across the world. why the power was turned off on the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge and other landmarks across the globe. plus a warning for shoppers. why you better check out that new ipad before you leave the store. we will explain com >>> welcome back, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday morning. aurilia looking live at the golden gate bridge. today will be a lot like yesterday. partly cloudy, partly sunny, about 62 degrees in san francisco today. but rain is coming. stick around. lisa argen will tell you how much and when. >>> president obama is back in the white house this morning following his four-day trip to the middle east. the president met with the leaders of israel, jordan and the palestinian authority during his visit in what has been hailed as a diplomatic breakthrough. he persuaded israel to apologize to turkey for a commando raid three years ago that kille
accounts for just 2% of the market and blackberry is determined to change that. >> we are used to competition now. we have to innovate and get better. that's why we launched this platform. avilanching in europe, blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. >> the z10 looks an awful lot like its touch screen competitors and it's getting good reviews. >> i like it. i think they have done good job with certain aspects of the phone. it feels comfortable in the hands and they have done a nice job with the camera. >> she was enthusiastic about the touch keyboard and camera and the online store full of appears. k -- aps. because who wants a phone without angry birds? the latest blackberry has all the trappings of a modern smartphone. >> the question remains is a simple one. is it enough to save the company? >> right now i think they are just trying to prove that they are not dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> my old blackberry wouldn't work in my own house, where this phone does. >> what would it take for blackberry to win you back? >> i
on another carnival ship stranded passengers for days. carnival said they would make changes to prevent incidents like this from happening. >> the first day on the job for the new pope. katie marzullo continues her coverage with what is ahead and bay area reaction to the historic selection. >> a lost buzz over the fact that the pope is the first from south america. many roman catholic church are hopeful it could signal change which is looking to get out from under the sex abuse scandal. he began with rare and you can see him arriving at st. mary basilica with a flower arrangement. he is back to the residence he was staying before the conclave, paid the bill and thanked the personnel. priests are pleased with the selection of pope francis, formerly the cardinal in argentina. >> this particular pope would have deeper sympathy and understanding of what it means to be a child of an immigrant and our own immigrant children will be able to relate. the vatican says pope francis will meet with pope benedict xvi in the next few days and after the mass, pope francis will remove sales -- seals and
, saying he had a change of heart because his son is gay. >> on this week with george stephanopolis, speaker boehner said he is still opposed to same-sex marriage. >> i believe that maker is -- marriage is the union of one man and a woman. it is what i grew up with. what i believe. it is what my church teams me. i cannot imagine that position would ever change. >> speaker boehner added that while portman is a good friend and a long-time ally. >> trading is underway in wall street in less than 15 minutes and the dow jones industrial average will start the week following their best winning streak in nearly 17 years. that could change. the dow closed down on friday 25 points to 1,405. despite the loss the dow ended .8 percent higher and encouraging employment news fueling the gain. markets in europe and say russia -- and asia are slumping. >> we were able to enjoy the sun. >> i got a tan the you got a tan. mike got a bail burn. >> baseball burn, gentleman, a baseball burn. i am always say, wear the sunscreen and i forgot. now, the temperatures, a beautiful picture from our roof camera
the golden state falls. >> mcdonald's is making changes to the menu and the items the giant is taking off [ female announcer ] dove invited women to test their body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything. new dove. this is care. its new breakthrough formula changes everything. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> 6:24. those in california are pessimistic about the economy. a field poll shows 72 percent in california believe the state's economy is in bad times. 12 percent say the economy is in between or mixed. 16 percent say it is in good times. when it comes to california and personal financial being 30 percent are better off that a year ago and 26 perc
it and then the weather changes. lisa argen joins us now. >> that's right. we will bring the numbers down. bring in a little best of wet weather. but certainly it's nothing to get too excited about. it's going to be a weaker system. but we are, once again, looking at another dry, mild afternoon. 7:17 is the official sunrise. it sets at 7:19. now over 12 hours of day light. we will have mostly sunny conditions once again. but the breeze will be picking up along the shoreline. here we are downtown. a beautiful shot. temperatures are in the upper 40s to near 50 in san francisco. it's 47 in santa rosa. 42 in napa. by the delta dropping into the low 40s with livermore at 40. east bay and south bay are cooler this morning while the winds have been kicking up in the high elevations of the north bay. 20 to 30 mile-an-hour gusts. we are warmer from santa rosa down through southern marin county. 50s. we talk about that downtown. 48 oakland with 50 at the can carlos airport. 47 san jose as well as half moon bay. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. the blue-green shading indicator of the cooler
u.s. sitting senators have changed their minds since sunday. >> before you get away, let me ask you this. what is at stake really for gay couples with doma? what does it do? >> reporter: -- accept the federal definition for marriage, in this case a man and a woman, some 1,000 regulations use marital status to determine which benefits they'll give. it's exemptions for estate taxes, insurance, social security survivor benefits, all of those things use the federal definition. if the court decides to strike down that portion of the defense of marriage act, it'll mean that heterosexual couples will be able to be joined by homosexual couples in receiving those benefits. >> all right. live from washington, d.c., thank you so much. now we go to washington, d.c. with carolyn tyler also covering the hearings. she is in line to go into the supreme court chambers and we'll have live reports this afternoon on abc 7 at 4:00. carolyn is also tweeting updates from her twitter account at c tyler abc 7. >>> happening now at the golden gate bridge, human toll takers are gone and a new all electronic s
at changes. mild out there right now with numbers in the 50s. so really pleasant, and a gorgeous sunrise. in fact we are looking at a few high and mid-level clouds and that makes for a pretty start to the day. live doppler 7hd is very quiet. we will be looking at a few returns being pick up later on tonight and tomorrow and that's because a weak weather system will arrive and that will bring just a couple of sprinkles, maybe a light shower, but that sets the stage for not the storm door, but another system, a more significant one, heading our way tuesday and wednesday. so we do have some nice shots for you. isn't this beautiful from our roof camera. numbers this morning are mild with a few clouds around. 53 in san francisco with 50 in oakland, 51 in san jose. good morning half moon bay. 46 for you and 51 in santa cruz. so we had 70s and 80s yesterday. it will still be mild around san benito county and south bay but with the cloud cover we will be cooler especially in sports near or coast. and with the wind shift we are really going to cool down dramatically as we begin the work week. 48
plans today. >> it is changing. yesterday was beautiful but it felt cold with the northwesterly winds. today the change is in the air. emeryville right now nice-looking shot. we have clear skies but it is near freezing in parts of the bay area. i'll talk about our warmup, our extended outlook which features a prolonged drying trend. i'll have that for you next. >> lisa, thank you. also more violence erupts in egypt after a court makes a decision in the deadly soak riot. the new minimum wage in san jose starts monday. >> developing news right now in egypt will protesters have set the soccer headquarters on fire. a police building is also on fire. heavy black smokes can be seen over cairo. protesters are angry because a court acquitted 7 of the police officials who were on trial for their alleged roles in a deadly stadium riot last year. another two officers were convicted and sentenceed to 15 years in prison. the court also confirmed the death sentences of 21 civilians involved in the riots which left 74 peop
many problems with leadership and fiscal plans. the college has been making changes ever since and a spokesman says they have stream laned the administration and added more financial accountability. >> the accreditation reform process is unwinding many, many years of behavior that just absolutely needed to be changed or could not be afforded. >> the situation and all about equity. >> students and staff say this were alternates to the cutbacks including $16 million city college get from san francisco's proposition (a). they wanted the money to alleviate the cuts but the school put it in a reserve fund. the commission will make the decision on city college in june . >> the archdiocese of san francisco will hold a prayer service for a daly city mother and her two sons killed in an horrific crash. the prosecution says the suspect had blood alcohol level twice the legal limit when he hit and killed them on saturday night. this is video from court on tuesday. the 28-year-old sobbed during an appearance yesterday in san mateo county superior court but he did not enter a plea. the judg
have been if this moist air mass which stays with us today and we are looking at changes tomorrow. leyla gulen is here with a look at our commute. hopefully it will be quiet. >> not too quiet. it was kauai busy this morning and still busy. in union city we have an overturned vehicle along southbound 880, with very heavy backups. the backups are from 92 so give yourself plenty of extra time. we have another accident in the eastbound lane, not so much in the westbound, but eastbound 580, there is one lane blocked because of a bumper to bumper situation into dublin/pleasanton area. a look at the metering lights that are on, on the bay bridge and it is looking slow into san francisco. >> welcome, leyla. >> a judge in san rafael will consider a change of venue request from the attorney for a teenager accused of stealing a lamborghini and attempting to kill two people. the attorney for the 18-year-old says his client cannot get a fair trial in marin county because of all the publicity. he is accused of stealing a celebrity chef lamborghini to impress a girl and trying to kill her and a
that the credit rating agency changed the state outlook to "positive" over the weekend the previously, the outlook was "stable." the passage of proposition 30 by voters in november is credited for the improvement. proposition 30 lifted sales and income taxes. the change follows a boston by standard & poor's in january, and s&p changed the credit grid to "a" rating. >> the state released the lists of schools that could be unable to pay bills. the bay area districts have schools on that list, which is ahead. >> the the dow jones industrial average could reach a new high today. that is ahead. >> rain is coming tonight with traffic and weather today, next, at ) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit the3day.org to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's b
them on camera now. >> the water falls are spectacular. they are always changing so it's never the same from day-to-day and from year to year. they are just breathtaking. >> and the best is yet to come. many of the falls reach their peak flow in may. >> of course, the water falls are just one of the many attractions in the park. the iconic sites here at tunnelview draw people from all around the world all year long. in yosemite, abc7 news. >>> a long overdue tribute is now a reality in oakland. a hall of fame of athletes that called the city home will be unveiled in a special ceremony tonight. sprinter jim hynes is going in. he was the first man to break 10 seconds in the 100-meter. he did it at the olympics in mexico city where he won two gold medals. hines graduated from the area high school and note the he's not going into the hall alone. >> bill russell, frank robinson, kurt flood, ricky henderson, joe martinez in, myself, jim hynes. everybody being inducted who are legends in their own sport. >> the hall of fame is sponsored by the oakland athletic league. tonight's induction cerem
will have a changing of the air mass and it will feel more like spring: windy, the sunshine will come out and temperatures are warming tomorrow through early parts of the weekend. >> kristen? >> from new york city, a construction worker was stuck in mud to his waste in a construction tunnel as he worked on the subway project 75' beneath the ground. it is not clear how he was stuck. >> new this morning from seattle, a security breach at the airport last night is still causing issues for some travelers this morning. the breach occurred when someone entered a secure area through an exit at the airport. the terminal concourses were evacuated and everyone had to go through a security check again. you can see the passengers waiting if long lines to re-enter. this morning, special airport -- rather, several airports report delays including seattle and portland. >> privacy advocates are upset over a new health insurance requirement at pharmacy chain c.v.s. demanding e employees with company insurance report their personal health data including weight, body fat ratio and blood pressure. if you don
. changing demographics and lease issues have forced tommy's joint to close. >> insiders siarg the phone will be made by htc icing google's android technology. user's home page will automatic pop up when the facebook phone turns on. >>> things like easter egg hunts those are for kids, right? a discovery in san francisco have kids of all ages looking for a hidden gem. its door leading to a world of wonder. ama daetz has the story. >> ama: this curious door in golden gate park has imaginations running wild. it sits at at base of a tree near the de young museum and academy of sciences. >> my mom found a picture on facebook and she thought it would be fun. >> ama: in fact a lot of people have been looking for it and giving their best guess as to who or what buy it. >> ama: how about an elf? that is what they think. we all know what elves look like right? >> they look like -- they look like, christmas. >> they probably wear red and green and white and have long hats. >> ama: kind of like buddy the elf or flying wilson. they say they know the gnome responsible. >> he was sitting next to us. he
-year-old khan and faces up to 10 years in prison. chang was walking across the boulevard at vale avenue on saturday night and she was hit. she was on the track team at high school. the teammate wore green ribbons which was her favorite color, at the meatier. >> bill clinton is doing an about face on same-sex marriage calling on the supreme court to overturn the law he signed in 1996 that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage. he now is saying that the defense of marriage act is incompatible with the constitution. he writes in a william -- "washington post" op-ed he signed the law because other legislation would have been worse. >> another bush family member is showing interest in the white house, and jeb one is saying he could be interested in a presidential run in 2016. the younger brother former president george bush and son of former president george h.w. bush. he has been promoting a book on immigration reform and urging republicans to expand their vote are base. >> a new report shows that 20,000 illegal immigrants headed to college are applying for financial aid under the d
for many people headed back to work. 61 percent of adults say the time change affects their work the monday after. people say it takes a week to adjust to the switch and it should be noted that the better sleep council is backed by a mattress manufacturers who did the study but there are health cons to losing the hour including increase in heart attack, the first three mondays after the start of daylight savings type. >> survey finds brides and grooms are spending more money to get married compared to the start of the economic downturn. according to wedding sites the average price reached a new high last year spending $28,000 for the big day here in the bay area, san francisco, the couples spend an average of $35,000. santa barbara was the most expensive at $42,000. but manhattan takes top honors, new york city weddings average nearly $77,000. i have to say, i have friend whose -- friends who have had more weddings than that. >> i need a long talk with my daughter. >> tell her what i did. >> relief at the pump, a price decrease at gas stations nationwide. >> we are following breaking news f
, the bay area hearing out a proposal for a brash name change the. >> card falls celebrate mass on a historic day and we will go live to rome where the papal conclave to pick the next pope is underway in the next hour. >> a pre-school teacher has shocked a community with what she did to a child and the fact she told people about it. that is next. >> san francisco bay side is clear but on the coast there is a lot of cloud cover out there. we are at our height for temperatures tomorrow and then slowly dropping. >> sue hall and the abc7 news traffic center, you can see, again an update with the metering lights on and traffic backing on to the macarthur maze. not one but two problems are on the grade that we will update the grade that we will update for you when we come back you s♪ ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup . >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
do not push them to take the risks. you must create the change you want to see. >> the message was warmly received. a protester stole some of the spotlight. >> i have to say we actually arranged for that so i would feel at home! >> the president now heads to jordan where protests ahead of the visit undercover the challenges he faces. >> yesterday his talk was okay but he doesn't do anything on the ground. >> president obama this afternoon meets with jordan king, a key ally and the violence in syria will be at the top of agenda. >> we continue to follow the two big breaking traffic stories we have, including a body on 280 and boulders on 101 causing problems. >> triggering sig-alerts. >> that is right, two separate sig-alerts, and sky 7 h.p.d. is over the waldo grade in sausalito area with boulders and extensive damage to at least five cars which are now towed away. hopefully, something will be done about the right lanes but c.h.p. is afraid the hillside is not stable so they could keep them off limits for the commute. southbound 101 is jamming through the waldo tunnel so the al
of the coast and 59 downtown. 50 in oakland with mid-40's and half moon bay and san jose. so the changes are in store with the fog to start out, partly cloudy this afternoon, and the cooler air mass transporting in throughout the bay area today, that will take us through the middle of the week and an upcoming weather system could allow for a few areas of rain. we need it. it doesn't look promising yet with high pressure still hang on and it is sliding to the east and it allows for more cloud cover and a couple of systems to drop from the north. through the rest of the day the cloud cover will thin out from time to time and we will call it cloudy and much the same open tuesday, and we begin to see a couple of areas of rain but most of the activity is offshore or in the north bay the form of sprinkles around cloverdale on wednesday and it looks like by thursday, still, offshore, and we are looking at a system of what we came a cut off load for the weekend and that could head from northern california to southern california with the policies of rain saturday and sunday. 66 in san jose, and t
next, why so many drivers haven't gotten the messages about the new changes on the golden gate bridge. plus, why it's going to cost you more to do shopping in parts of the >> carolyn: welcome back everyone. it is 6:13 on this easter sunday morning. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge where you can see it is slick down there. slow down and proceed with caution. not much traffic going on right now. in terms of the weather frances dinglasan will be along with the full weather forecast in just a bit. >>> striking musicians from the san francisco symphony are hitting the right notes with their audience. ♪ >> carolyn: last night an ensemble featuring strings, brass and wind sections gave a free concert on california street. the musicians have been on strike since march 13 over proposed cuts. symphony members say is financially sound and cuts wouldn't be able to keep up with the high cost of living in the bay area. >> it's the end of era, tommy's closed the doors for good last night after 27 years. clint eastwood and f cop cop were regulars in the 80s and 90s and attracted politi
years to step down. changes are already being seen in vatican city. the pope's apartment has been locked, his private elevator has been taped shut and a new papal ring must also be made. the ring is destroyed when the pope dies or in this case resigns. >> talk about destruction of the seal, it's simply to make some scratch marks or something to prevent the seal from being used ever again. >> a stove has yet to be installed in the sistine chapel. white smoke coming from the stove announces to the world a new pope has been elected. >>> this morning an independent living facility in bakersfield is defending actions by its employees. officials say staff acted properly in not giving cpr to a woman who was unconscious from a heart attack last tuesday. take a listen to the 911 operator pleading with the staff to help the woman. >> well, will the fire department be here. >> they have been on the way all this time but we can't wait. this lead is going to die. >> yeah. >> okay. well, then, if you get any stranger that happens to walk by that's willing to help. i understand if you are telling me yo
on to facebook, look at it good because it is to change with a new look for the news feed at menlo park headquarters. indications are that it will alow users to browse specific types of posts such as photos or music shared by others. the changes are intended to address a frequent come complaint from users they is little control over what appears in their news feed. you may not have to hide the fact that you are watching ncaa games at work, with a new car recall, bloomberg's jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with that and another rally this morning. jane? >> the market is like the energizer buddy, going and going and going. we will have the numbers in a second but usually help starter is considered a positive at try but the but not a car. subaru is calling 47,000 cars with remote starters because the engines hand tart on their own if you drop the key. the recall is on 2010 and 2013 outbacks and 15 cross vehicles from 2015 saying the carbon monoxide is a risk if it starts in a garage. look at your utility bills if you are trying to save money. comparing what you pay to rent
weapons for protection. 32 percent own a firearm for hunting purposes. that is a change from 1999 when washington post/abc news poll found that 26 percent of gun owners kept the gun for protection. back then 49 percent say they used the weapon mostly for hunting. >> rebound is back on -- president obama is back on capitol hill but, first, he talks with george stephanopolis speaking of the negotiations with congressional republicans over how to reach a balanced budget. he talked about homeland security and the potential of cyber attacks from china and other countries. >> it is absolutely true we have seen a steady ramping up of cyber security threats. some are state responsorred. some are sponsored by criminals >> some are state sponsored? >> absolutely. this is why i have taken aggressive executive actions. we need congress to act. >> you can see more of the exclusive interview on "good morning america" following our newscast at 7:00. >> and now for the commuters, gas prices have been high but they are starting to slowly drop according to the latest aaa survey. the average price for a
and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's and on our way to 60's this afternoon with sprinkles changing to light rain. we will have rain tomorrow morning and showers in the afternoon, the cool of the day is tomorrow, spring, starting on our coolest day and the warmth for thursday and friday. >> we have an update 80 westbound in richmond and carlson an overturn, with two right lanes blocked, as well, and the traffic is now backing all 9 way to hilltop. we have another hot spot for you, two separate accidents reported on 580, westbound, in the middle lane a hit-and-run accident and westbound 580 at 680 at the dublin/pleasanton we will follow this. the commute from the central valley is bumper to bumper and will be affected by both of these. kristen and eric? ought california state university system is lifting a travel ban to mexico for 400,000 students in a letter to state leaders. the chancellor said that violence in mexico is down during the past year and he says that travel to mexico by the students still needs to being looked at on a case-by-case basis. before the ban went into affect
and the news conference. president abbas describes the talks as "good" and president obama says change is possible but it will take time. >> what is true in the united states can be true here as well. we can make the changes but they will be have to be determined. we have to counsel. -- we have to have courage and break out of the old arguments. >> in israel, president obama and israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, visited the jerusalem museum home to the dead sea scrolls. they stepped by a tech expo, as well. the president runs to jerusalem later today and will give a speech to israeli young people and tonight there is a state dinner. >> developing news, police are searching for a long time bay area baseball coach wanted on an arrest warrant in contra costa county. the 52-year-old joel kaufman is wanted for molesting a teen boy and secretly filming another boy in a bathroom. some charges date back eight years. there could be other victims. joel kaufman coaches a traveling baseball team for those boys based in san jose. we will have more in the next half hour. >> in beforeally a
will talk about when the fog will lit and the changes coming. >> time magazine has a title "gay marriage "already won but the cover is causing a buzz releasing two versions both showing members of the same sex kissing, some call it sensationalist and others a symbol of law but it has people talking after the supreme court heard arguments in two same-sex marriage cases including california's prop 8. >> conservative talk show hot rush limbaugh is waving the white flag on same-sex marriage, telling the radio show audience yesterday that conservatives have lost the gay marriage debate. he added gay marriage is now inevitable no matter what the supreme court decides. rush limbaugh says conservatives lost the debate because they "lost the language." >> as chief justice john roberts is ready to decide on proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act, he also is dealing with credit card fraud. the "washington post" reports that roberts is usually using his credit card to buy morning cup of coffee at the local suburban maryland starbucks but this tuesday, before he heard arguments on prop 8, he p
and policies, the cardinals he makes, it has a huge effect. it can change the church. >> still there are no free frontrunners, but some point to cardinal o'malley of boston and two others as possible candidates. >> cardinal sharer is a very strong candidate, i believe. he is head of the large. archdoicese in the world earl world. >>> with the start of the conclave two days away, preparations are wrapping up. yesterday the two cast iron stoves where the ballots will be burned were installed in the sistine chapel, and on the roof the chimney is in place. the focal point for millions of catholics around the world who will be watching and waiting for white smoke, signaling a new pope has been elected. >> the cardinals will meet for their final congregation session tomorrow before gathering for mass and the start of the conclave. abc news, rome. >> so here is a look at how the conclave will work this week. only those cardinals younger than 80 are eligible to vote. in this case there are 115 of them. the election process can begin on the afternoon of the first day. if no one receives
change in public opinion. half of all americans now support same-sex marriage which is legal in nine states and the district of columbia. still, 30 states explicitly ban same-sex marriage if their constitution. >> the justices are insulatessed from public opinion but they are not deaf. >> tomorrow, in a separate case the justices will consider whether married gay couples deserve the same federal tax and entitlement benefits of their peers both decided by the end of june. kristen? >> can you describe what will happen today inside the courts? court watchers may want to know what to look at or which way the justices are leaning? >> that is right, when the justices file in shortly they spend an hour questioning the lawyers on both sides of the case giving them a grilling with all eyes on justice kennedy, considered the swing just first on the court right now, the swing vote, deeply divided court. people will look how his sympathies lie when three is questions. experts say this morning that it is very difficult to tell from the questioning just which way the court will go. we will have to
potential changes on the horizon. >> rain is on way for tomorrow. we will look and show what you is going on. today, there is nothing going on as far as the wet weather. something has popped up that should not be there. let me close that. i will close this. let me restart the show. here we go, look at live doppler 7 hd. it is quiet even with all cloud cover. temperatures right now as we look at bay bridge, with the lights turned off, we are running in the 48 degree area, san mateo, half moon bay, san francisco, and 47 in oakland and richmond, and 48 in walnut creek and pleasanton at 49 and antioch is 44 and headed to the south bay, we are 47 in morgan hill and cupertino and mountain view and gilroy at 49. same in sausalito. novato is 43 and santa rosa and napa are at 46. this forecast cycle, we have clouds do start, and sunshine in the afternoon, and i expect to see the pockets developing and wet weather, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. a cold front with a low sitting and spinning and gathering moisture and colder air, the rain returns to most of our neighbors tuesday and that is the best
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